What forks then..?

Soggz Posts: 221
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Ok,i have a GT agressor 3 with suntour xcr v3 forks on it.As a few people on here suggested,to change the forks to something more lighter and better handling...what forks does any of you suggest?
I have been on chain reaction and i must admit,im a bit confused by it all.
I would like a lighter fork,im not bothered if its last years model e.t.c as i am on a bit of a tight budget,but would like to look into the more 'mid range' market of fork.Something more 'air sprung' if you see what i mean.
I could possibly go to 400 quid at a stretch in a few weeks time.
Thanks for you input in advance.
Oh,the sort of riding i do is various,so anything from light trails to maybe throwing myself off of small jumps when i get my confidence back.