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How to get insurer to pay for bike damage after accident?

michael_roadiemichael_roadie Posts: 84
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Hi all,

Just been hit by a car, minor damage to bike I think like bent rear wheel (cheap wheel though), maybe some other bent stuff, probably need a new helmet. I'm fine. I didn't take a picture, didn't think of doing it. A witness might have done so, but either way gave me their contact details. I have the motorist's insurance details and plate.

Had a quick read of the thread about what to do in case of an accident, but it's not really telling me what I want to know - I don't care about involving police and solicitors, all I want is to have his insurer pay for the repair to my bike.

What's the best way to accomplish this?



  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Contact his insurer?

    Although - a long time ago I was taken out by a drivers door being opened (riding too close in the door zone then ...!) - Damage was a totalled front wheel - not hugely expensive... and it was "just" a touring bike - I think it may have been steel ... can't remember - its when I used bikes only for transport! ... Anyway ... knackered front wheel - the driver took me and the bike to the closest LBS, left the bike there with them and took me on to college. Later, he picked me up, took me back to the LBS, paid for the front wheel and I cycled home... no insurance issues and less damage to his wallet than claiming via insurance.

    Accidents happen - usually by people not paying attention - so I'm happy to resolve it outside insurance if it's minor damage that won't cost a lot to resolve...
  • Do I need to get a quote from a bike shop on the cost and then contact insurer, or do I get them to fix it first, or what?
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Well - personally I'd take photos of the bust stuff ...
    Then look up how much to replace them - if it's just a wheel then that's easy enough to do yourself, if it's bits on the frame then you may want an LBS to do it - then you'd need to get a quote ... but that wouldn't stop me from making first contact with the driver or their insurance co.
    If it's a £100 wheel and a £50 helmet then the driver may decide that's easier to pay direct rather than through his insurance co.

    Otherwise, the insurance co will tell you what info they want from you ...
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    Get a quote, talk to the driver (for a low cost he may be better off avoiding his insurer), get it fixed then keeping the damaged parts, keep a record of all other expenses incurred (travel to and from, transport to work etc).
  • Do I need to get a quote from a bike shop on the cost and then contact insurer, or do I get them to fix it first, or what?

    You need to get a quote from the bike shop a reasonable, not inflated one ;).

    You can then go ahead and get the repairs done if you want, but keep in mind that some insurers will try and insist you go through their repairers. But get the quote, then contact the other parties insurance company, then contact them *every day* afterwards.
  • Thanks guys
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