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Changed my mind chainset, help needed

BMKNBMKN Posts: 222
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I currently have a FSA Tempo chainset, I wish to upgrade to a standard chainring, I want to just buy two new chainrings, I had bought 105 chainrings but found they are not compatable, I will return them, however what chainring do I buy, I am completely lost with what is compatable please elp


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    If you look around (I'm assuming you have a "compact" double with 110mm BCD) you will find that FAS do 39 and 52 tooth chainrings to suit. Here is one example - they're called Pro Compact rings. ... -ring.html
  • DiscoBoyDiscoBoy Posts: 905
    I assume that you have a compact double chainset, and you want larger chainrings?

    If so, you need some 110 BCD chainrings to fit your chainset.

    Praxis works are a company that make larger ratio rings in this BCD. They aren't cheap, but they are excellent.
    Red bikes are the fastest.
  • For alternate chainring options you need to find 110 BCD rings in the sizes you want. I personally run 50 outer and 36 inner.

    A supplier with a wide range of chainrings is spa cycles. For example £10 for an inner stronglight ring: ... b0s149p292

    £14 for an outer ring: ... b0s149p293

    The outer rings do have pins to help shifting.
  • Why do you want to change to a standard chainset and why do you think it is an upgrade?
  • Doesn't really matter why he used the word upgrade, or why he wants to change gearing. The question was what rings to buy that would fit.

    I'm using Sram red 52/38 rings on my 110bcd chainset. Spa cycles is a good shout on somewhere to buy rings though.
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    Barbarossa wrote:
    Why do you want to change to a standard chainset and why do you think it is an upgrade?

    I think the OP doesn't understand what standard and compact cranks are. That would explain his thinking that either / or was somehow an "upgrade".
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