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Bike Shoes for part ride /part train commuting

WhizWhiz Posts: 28
edited March 2014 in Commuting general
So I'm looking at mtb / tour shoes with spd to clip in.
Will be riding my new to be Tarmac 2013 :-)
So, looking at the Scott Tour shoe here
Or the Specialized ... uring-shoe

Work shoes will stay at work so need to be comfy for train ride and 5 min walk other end to office.
Any other suggestions?


  • WhizWhiz Posts: 28
    Was meaning to add about perhaps a lightweight mtb shoe as another option?
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I've got Shimano M087's - grips protrude down either side of the SPD cleat. I can (and have) walked short distances in them and they're comfortable enough - but you do get the grind of the odd stone against the cleat.
  • My most comfortable cycling shoes for walking are Shimano MT91 Gore-tex boot with Vibram sole, but bulky and heavy.
    Also have a pair of Chrome Miday Pro SPD shoes which are decent for walking in, but not as comfy as the Shimano's.
    Finallly, I've got a pair of lightweight Bontrager RL MTB shoe which are great on the bike but skittish when walking on pavements.

    The Giro Republic look like they could be a good compromise:
  • The SPD shoes from Lidl. Cost a tenner.

    However I'm wondering why you would want to leave a Tarmac at a station. it will get nicked! Unless your train company allows you to take it with you.
  • WhizWhiz Posts: 28
    Lidl? Really?
    And my plan isn't to leave at station but an old persons home near the station. Haven't spoken to them yet though :-)
  • Yeah, I wasn't sure I'd want to use spds on the commute hack, but got into it (and mountain biking), they have lasted well! A basic trainer style spd shoe. Looks fairly subtle. Deep tread so the cleat doesn't protrude too much.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    I have a half mile walk to and from the works bike shed in these, and find them more than comfortable enough ... s-ec039082

    Evans price matched them down to a shade under £75
  • WhizWhiz Posts: 28
    I've just bought these ... e-ec043380
    Here's to some cycling... Once my bike arrives haha
  • amokamok Posts: 10
    I am wearing these right now: ... umble.html

    Comfy enough, not too bad to walk in, and they were the cheapest available at the time.
  • goonzgoonz Posts: 3,106
    You want the Shimano RT (Road/Touring) range. Best shoes for spd and walking.

    Look like road shoes for spd cleats and with flat tread so you can walk without sounding like a tart and not look like MTB shoes with massive tread.

    Check them out.
    Scott Speedster S20 Roadie for Speed
    Specialized Hardrock MTB for Lumps
    Specialized Langster SS for Ease
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