All Mountain Frames (Where to buy)

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Does anyone know of any good places to buy All Mountain Frames (full suspension) ? I want something I can use on UK trail centres and the Alps later on this year.

I am trying to decide between buying a 650B bike outright and putting one together piece by piece to spread the cost. However I am finding that getting a frame is not as easy as I thought it would be. I know Chain Reaction have frames but they seem to have a limited selection in my size or they are not All Mountain.

I had Ibis suggested to me but the frame alone is almost £2500 and I would prefer something around half that. So I'm having a bit of a "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope !!" moment.

Where can I get frames ? Which manufacturers sell frames only ?


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    What size are you? The nukeproof mega AM seems to come in a good choice of sizes from 15.5 to 20"
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  • I am 6'4 so I am always the largest size. Which generally makes it more difficult to get my size as manufacturers seem to make fewer large frames.
  • I read about Lapierre Zesty frames but couldn't find anywhere to buy just the frames
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    Does anyone know of any good places to buy All Mountain Frames (full suspension) ?

    I don't think any one specialises in just All Mountain bikes and frames. Also most (if not all) manufacturers now have AM or Enduro options so its hard to recommend a particular place. So the advice would be that same as buying any bike.

    See what brands the shops near you can get hold off and try to get as many demos as possible and see what you like.
  • Lapierre dont do frame only options. You might get one second hand tho.
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    Nukeproof Mega AM in extra large should do the job. CRC did have 26" wheel versions very cheap.