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I'm probably the last person in the world to discover this, but swapping my usual plastic or latex gloves (that I keep in the saddle pouch) for disposable nitrile gloves means I can wrestle with broken chains, fix p******** etc., and keep pretty clean. :| Plenty of suppliers on eBay.
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    A set of workshop gloves is a great tip for the saddle bag. They weigh nothing and yet the mess they can save. I once had to fix a chain en route and the grease and muck got everywhere...on my food, on the back of my jacket (fetching stuff from pockets), sides of my shorts, my nose, gloves, bar tape, etc., etc. Yeaurgh!
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    I agree. I broke a chain a few weeks ago and fixed it roadside with a KMC link but my hands were an absolute mess.
    I was repairing it on a grassy bank with lots of wet fallen leaves around and tried to use them as a sort of handwash. I was lucky in that I only had water in my bottle so could sort of wash them off with that.
    Now I've got some of these type of gloves. These nitrile ones look good.
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    I'm amazed how much tougher the nitrile gloves are over their latex counterparts. And at less than a tenner for a hundred it really is a no-brainer.

    Workshop nitrile gloves
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  • They look good, I carry some latex type gloves but they are always covered in this nasty powder stuff. Having said that they've saved me a number of times when my chain has come off.
  • Learnt this the hard way, brand new castelli top and white bar tape covered in oil after a minor crash resulting in alot of chain yanking! Always carry the latex gloves now. At something like 100 pairs for about £6 its a no brainer. I also find that you can store your tubes in them when in a saddle bag or bottle for added protection.
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    Agreed, always had some in the saddle bag.
  • if you wanna clean chain oil off your hands wash them in grass. No joke! Grass gets them so clean
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    Grass is good.

    Not aware of nitrile - but I am now ! £5 for 100 pairs - so that's a couple in every saddlepack and in the car too.
  • gozzy
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    +1 for grass to clean oil off. Works wonders.
  • Mikey23
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    Somebody will catch on and produce grass in neat packages for sale as oil remover...
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    Nitrile gloves generally resist petrochemical products much better than latex. They're good for the many people who are allergic to latex too.
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