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Garmin Edge 305

dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
edited February 2014 in Road buying advice
Is the Garmin Edge 305 any cop? Is it worth shelling out extra for the 500? I want something that can take the speed/cadence sensor and this seems to be the cheapest option...


  • Wirral_paulWirral_paul Posts: 2,476
    I didnt even realise they were still selling these - they have been out for about 8 years!! The 500 is certainly newer technology and smaller than the 305 - and now that the 510 is out you should be able to find deals on the 500. I have an Edge 800 myself - with the speed / cadence sensor.

    I'd add the Heart Rate Monitor myself - find it more useful than the cadence sensor myself
  • Jon_1976Jon_1976 Posts: 690
    I used to have a 305 and found it to be excellent for the price (got it second hand off ebay for £40). I've read that they can suffer from battery problems and can be finicky with non-garmin ant+ devices though.

    The only 'problem' I suffered from was my max speed (after uploading to garmin connect) was always something mental like 80mph+, strava always listed the correct (or more realistic) speed oddly enough. I only sold it as I got bitten by the tech bug and wanted a 510.

    If it was me, I'd get a new (as opposed to second hand) device just in course anything goes wrong with it (unlikely).
  • dilatorydilatory Posts: 565
    Ah, I saw the 305 + HRM + Cad on Handtec for £100 and thought it to be a decent deal. I'd just missed out on the Bryton 21 + HRM + CAD for £99 deal on CRC which made me a bit sad.

    I think I might just fork out for the 500 bundle and be done with it. For the extra 80 or so quid the 500 seems to be the norm.
  • Jon_1976Jon_1976 Posts: 690
    in case you decide to get a 500 on its own, Decathlon do a Geonaute branded cadence/speed sensor for £15. Bit cheaper than the garmin, i've used one a lot and found it to be ok. They also do a hrm but its the same price as the older soft strap garmin (they reduced an updated version late last year)
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