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What happens if you (ever) lap a bunch?

ongejongej Posts: 118
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I am curious about this, but lets say we have a short-ish race course (like a circular track). Also, assume that there is some crazy strong rider, he/she attacks, goes all out, and suddenly finds himself about to lap the bunch. What happens then? Can that rider then merge back into the bunch and upon completion with the bunch, wins the race by default? Or must the rider continue on, not being able to shelter in the bunch ever or risk DQ?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,027
    This discussion is already going on a bit further down the page...
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 18,633
    It can't happen! It's like going back in time and killing your great great grandparents or summink. I think.
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  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I've seen Ian Stannard lap the bunch at the IG Nocturne .... the sky turned black, rumbles of thunder where heard all around and then a huge wormhole opened up and sucked in all those who had been lapped ...
  • ratsbeyfusratsbeyfus Posts: 2,841
    It happened quite a few times during the 'Apres' races at Preston Park in Brighton this winter as the track is only about 400m long. If they did it on their own they tended to stay in the bunch (but not explicitly behind team mates), didn't interfere with others sprinting for 2nd, and lapped up the points. One guy in the E/1/2/3 race got greedy, and went off and lapped the bunch again! If a few riders did it, they would usually hide in the bunch and then contest the sprint which was confusing for the comms as the rest of the bunch were sprinting for the minor positions. Inspired by all this I had a crack at lapping the bunch in my cat 4 race on Saturday... I went off 3 or 4 times, but naturally I blew up and ended up as a dnf :oops:

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • theprawntheprawn Posts: 116
    i lapped the bunch last season in a cat 4 race at gravesend on the shorter course.

    i sat on the back for half a lap then got a shout that there was someone chasing so carried on off the front again.

    as i came up to the finish the sprint for 3rd came past me so i just pulled to the side to let them past and cruised across the line (funnily enough i didn't have much sprint left in me).
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