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Tubs that won't (inflate or) deflate?

mulletmastermulletmaster Posts: 502
edited February 2014 in Workshop
I know, a usually welcome phenemenon! I boult a second hand pair of zipps with conti podium tubs on them. These are inflated partially but not enough to ride on. I tried inflating them as usual and failed. Loosening the valve extenders and even taking the valve off the extender hasn't worked, I can't get air in or out of them. The extender in each is now turning freely, I imagine spinning round in the tub itself.
Do I have any options bar deliberately puncturing two nearly new tubs to get them off?


  • remove core with tiny core spanner supplied with most tubs?
  • Trying to remove the extender which is still in the core but it's just spinning away without coming off, thanks for the help though.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,385
    If your intention is to discard them and fit something different, then yes, just burst them. It's a shame, but if the valve is genuinely unservicable, and you can't push the tyre over the rim as it is, then you ain't got much choice.

    Do they have sealant in? - if so, maybe the sealant has gummed up the valve.
  • What kind of extender do you have?

    If you have the zipp extender or similar then poke something down the hole to free up the hidden presta valve.

    At least post a pic of what you have before trashing anything!
  • Bit the bullet and got them pried off the rim somehow without damaging tyre or rim.
    Turns out there were 2 short extenders in each rim and then the valve on top and some sealant which had gummed up the joint between the first 2 extenders. I presume that is what it was as there was about 20mls of milk coloured and consistency fluid which poured out of the valve.
    New extenders and all should be well thanks guys!
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