Wattage Targets

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Full disclosure: I am a shipbroker, do not watch my diet, do not watch my alcohol intake, was a fit and talented rower around the age of 18 and currently commute 12km each way to work on my bike plus the odd gym session and rugby match. I weigh 100kg.

We just got a WattBike downstairs and I am wondering what sort of targets I need to set if I wanted to win races at Cat 1 level.

I can hold 40 km/h for 2.5 hours or 100km whichever way you look at it and yesterday held 371 watts (46.5 km/h or 15.5 km total) on a 20 minute session.

I realise I am heavy, I could drop 5 kilos through diet and training but in reality getting below 90kg would be a serious challenge at 6' 3" and with wide shoulders and rugby build. I did do an etape in 2012 but didn't train other than commuting and quite honestly the course was up and down all day so after blasting the flat I found myself considerably out of my depth (and bloody freezing as I am sure others will attest).

Other than that the only other cycling achievement I have was doing the 3 ascents of Ventoux in a day which was tough but manageable, and haven't done a true race per se.

Any advice, training tips etc welcome. First aim is to hit 400W for 20 mins and 95kg, not sure yet how realistic this is. I have Richmond Park to train around.