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50mm carbon wheels commuting?

BMKNBMKN Posts: 222
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I bought myself a pair of Shimano RS80 cabon clinchers, I love them makes me love cycling even more, Just curious do any of you use 50mm on your commute? I do 30k round trip sometimes more on nicer days, I live in a windy area also.


  • It doesn't matter what you use on your commute, just what works for you and what you can afford and the security you have at your destination. If you want to use them, use them; just remember that SCR rules put you at the top of the tree with those things on ;)

    Out of interest how much difference does the deep section make? I run RS80 C24, because my weakness is climbing rather than straight line speed.
  • BMKNBMKN Posts: 222
    I ave a bike park with swipe access only so pretty secure I might take front wheel with me though, They are amazing wheels, I cam from shimano Whr500 horrible tanks not smooth at all, I don't use earphones much on my long rides so I can listen to my wheels, there perfect for climbing, I went for the aero as it was only 200gram in the diff tyre I feel more fresher with the wheels, not sure about speed but deff saves energy, my speed is faster on calmer days with them on but it.s too hard to tell, I dont think u will notice much off a difference going from the two wheels, I had a big jump of upgrade.
  • Very nice. Similar to yourself I went from heavy stock Bontragers - probably similar to the R500 to RS80 and the difference was big. I'm currently running RS10 for the winter but I'm putting the RS80 back on this weekend as I've had enough of dead wheels!

    In any case I think you've answered your own question - enjoy!
  • BMKNBMKN Posts: 222
    Yeah I have sure you pay enough for em
  • If you got it!!! Flaunt it!!! :)
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