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Epic biking trip - UK, Alps, etc.

bekneeboybekneeboy Posts: 56
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First draft, so here I go;

I'm planning on quitting my job in May and packing my car up with my mountain and road bike, tent and other things to head for a massive bike tour of the UK's national parks before heading to MB Marathon Combloux in July and then touring the Alps too for as long as possible.

I'm hoping to travel as slowly as possible so that I have the opportunity to take in as much of the spectacular countryside that I've never had the opportunity to see before.

It would be really good to link up with as many as possible mountain biking groups, road cycling groups, running groups and other friendly people, as possible. Perhaps there are some secret trails in your local area that you would like to share with others, or just to meet up for a bike ride with another interested cyclist/runner?

My plan is roughly this route;

If what I'm proposing sounds interesting and you'd like to take part, or if you've got some sage advice then please do get in contact, all thoughts will be gratefully appreciated! - my plans for a tour of Europe riding as much as possible.


  • Lucky sod!!

    There's a few of us around on here who can show you around the Peaks when you're up this way - but I'd head for the Hope / Edale Valley in the Dark Peak for the more "classic" rides such as Ladybower, Jacobs Ladder, Cut Gate etc. rather than the White Peak where your plan says (Point G - Bakewell).
  • bekneeboybekneeboy Posts: 56
    Thanks for your advice Prouster, the map is a very rough guide to give an indication of the route, so I'll start adding the details of recommended routes/destinations etc as and when they are suggested. In fact, you should find your's as the first suggestions on the map now.

    I'll look into hooking up with you when I'm in the area. I need to confirm a few details about the coast to coast which will dictate when I'll be in the Peaks.

    Thanks, and please more suggestions! - my plans for a tour of Europe riding as much as possible.
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