Ultegra Di2 6870 upgrade

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Hi all

As I am bored waiting on my new frame arriving, I've been considering switching my 6800 group to the 6870 Di2 group. I have a full 6800 groupset waiting to go on the frame (when it arrives), so to move up to 6870 I reckon all I'd need would be shifters, F+R mechs, battery + charger.

Question is, do the levers/mechs come with junction boxes/electric cables etc the same as the mechanical versions include cables? I'm struggling to find a 6870 wiring kit for sale hence the question.



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    The levers come with just the brake cables. You then buy the individual electric wires to fit the length required. You will need 6 cables, 2 from levers to port, one from port to junction box, three from junction box to battery, FD and RD. You will also need to buy the port to go on the stem (3 or 5 connection points) and a junction box (you can get either an internal or external box)
  • OK thanks for the info. Think it will end up being too expensive once I buy all those parts, and don't really want to buy a full group to then have to sell the bits I don't need.
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    I don't think that they do. When we spec up a Di2 groupset to put on a bike, we have to order the cabling additional to the components. Shimano have cables of different lengths for bigger & smaller bikes. You would (of course) need the system controller which mounts on the handlebars & junction box to bring it all together. Internal battery?
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    Oops, I see you had a good reply already...
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    You can get a complete 6870 goupset for a grand. Sell the chainset and brakes to recoup your cash.
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  • Yeah would be internal battery. I did look at the full group and selling the bits, but it would be too much £ for me just now. Already spent £500 on the mechanical so can't justify the extra. Maybe once the price of 6870 comes down a bit I might jump in.

    Thanks again.
  • Ah! Thanks for the link. That might make it a bit more do-able. Will need to see if the internal battery comes back into stock. :D

  • Yup - just go for an upgrade kit (all the bits to go from mech to elec). Merlin are generally pretty competitive
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    Ribble were about £40 cheaper when i bought mine last week.