Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket


  • izza
    izza Posts: 1,561
    Saw one reently in a showroom and in terms of reflecting the lights inside it was mightily impressive.

    Wiped the floor with the normal dayglow stuff.
  • cougie
    cougie Posts: 22,512
    Quite a few makes have similar stuff to this. I know Nike have - but massively expensive.

    It'd be good for night time, but its only going to be visible if headlights hit you - so in day time - you would be better off with Fluo Colours.
  • That looks awesome for full on night riding.
    I currently use Polaris RBS. They are day-glo yellow and orange with a decent amount of reflective.
    These are good for low light levels or rain. However when properly dark the more reflective the better. It is hard to beat a proper road works yellow vest. The 2"wide stripes are so much more effective than the narrow trim on most cycling clothing.