Upgrading tyres on double kids trailer.

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I have a double kids trailer and it has 20 x 1.75 tyres on it. I'm guessing that any 20" BMX tyre will fit? With the tyres only being 1.75 wide, there is not much "give" in them for going over small rocks/bumps and they sink right into soft ground, they look like 20" road tyres :D

Am I right in thinking I could get a BMX tyre of 20x 2.35(or similar size) and run slightly lower pressure to give a bit more smoothness over bumps and hopefully ride on top of soft terrain a bit more easily? I know it wouldn't make a massive difference but it might help, also it will add a bit more weight but that doesn't bother me. If I was bothered about weight I wouldn't pull them in the first place :D


  • jimothy78
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    Can't think of any potential problems other than clearance between tyres and frame/mudguards (if fitted). If you've checked all-round that you've got an extra 1/2" of space, then go for it.
  • Aye all the clearances are fine and dandy. There's no mudguards or anything fitted, it's just the clearance between the tyres and the sides of the trailer I had to measure.
  • Personally I'd recommend the largest kojaks. They're pretty tough but still supple.
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    I find running low pressures in the trailer tyres a nightmare as the trailer is less controllable; noticeably!

    Can you not got for a trailer with suspension, s/h one? or even modify yours?

    The difference is very noticeable between trainers without and trailers with. Suspension trailers pull much nicer and are not so hard to pull . Also and more importantly the ride is mile better for the child.

    I use Chariot Cougar 2.