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Colnago Master Competition with compressed dropout. Help!

jockyfoostjockyfoost Posts: 63
edited February 2014 in Workshop
Hi. I have a 1986 Colnago Master Competition frame with a compressed rear dropout. In building it up I have found the rear wheel won't go into dropout. It has been compressed down to 9mm from 10mm. I can only think this has happened in transit.
Does this need professional intervention or is it something I could tackle myself? Frame completely chromed which worries me.
Is it better to have bend back or file opening wider?
Any advice appreciated.


  • semi vertical dropouts???

    Personally, i'd file down the axle on the hub, just at the part which goes through the frame as it's non-structural/load bearing and carries almost no risk to yourself or the frame.
  • Thanks for quick reply.
    Nearly horizontal drop outs. Filing wheel does sound a lot safer.
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,460
    Have you tried a different wheel? My son has a lovely old 653 frame however it is a real pain to get the wheels into the dropouts. Some modern Novatec hubs were impossible to get in, whereas the wheels he built up on 105 hubs just fit.

    It seems unlikely that both dropouts would be compressed 1mm in transit, was there any damage to the derailleur hanger? Maybe the chrome is a bit thicker than spec? I wouldn't go near a frame like that with a file.
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