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MTB in Ibiza?

jimothy78jimothy78 Posts: 1,407
edited February 2014 in Holidays
Hi all,
we've justed booked a family Holiday in Ibiza (Portinatx, to be precise) and i'm wondering if anyone's had any experience of moutain biking there. The immediate countryside looks promising, with hills and woods, and not too much farmland, and I've even found a site with a few "mountain bike" routes (although the photos suggest quite alot of fireroad-type tracks) , one of which goes just past the outskirts of the town we're going to be staying in.

I won't be able to commit a lot of time to riding (it is a family holiday after all) and we're not planning on hiring a car, so I'll have to stay within riding distance of the town itself, which is in the North-east corner of the island.

Any tips, thoughts, suggestions, warnings, etc?
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