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What Turbo Trainer?

SFTSFT Posts: 156
edited February 2014 in Road buying advice
Just damaged my knee so not allowed out on the road for a while; but re-hab on a turbo is in the plan.
Does anyone have a recommendation please, budget up to £200?



  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Never had a turbo (only rollers) but I would suggest getting whatever will have the best resale value if you do not plan on using it (guessing they are really boring to use) when back on the road.
    Maybe a well know brand like Tacx and/or something in a sale.

    Another option would be to get rollers and a stand (i.e. Tacx Antares).
    That way you could use the stand (it holds front wheel and basically turns it into a turbo) while knee recovers, then use as normal rollers when its better.

    Much easier to set up (no trainer tyre needed) and store too.
  • natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
    Don't forget to get some sufferfest videos to overcome the boredom 8)
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  • have been using a jet black one that cost £84.99 it is really basic but have used the expensive tacx ones and they just tend to brake.
  • I just bought the 145 quid outfit from halfords.. The Elite thingy. It`s fine, works smoothly and fairly quietly
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
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