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Hello + a couple of info requests

amokamok Posts: 10
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Hello everyone,

Cyclist based in Wellington, New Zealand here. I just moved back after a year in Singapore, where the thought of cycling was far too scary to contemplate. My sweet ride is a 2012 Kona Dew Plus, which I've upgraded with some Vittoria puncture resistant tyres and a better seat. Anybody who has been to Wellington will know how hilly it is - I ride about 20km each way from the CBD, which involves a long gorge climb and some really nice roads after that. It's also an incredibly windy place, so stability has been a big learning curve.

My question is - what would be a good derailleur system to move to? I'm a sturdy chap - well over 6ft and around 100kg - and I feel like real pressure on the pedals seems to make the gears and chain...unhappy. The other thing I'd like to know would be some recommendations for new handlebars, as I find the current riding position too upright for the incredible wind we get here too.

Thanks in advance!


  • GreggyrGreggyr Posts: 1,075
    Hi amok

    I'm sure the Kona is good for the job as it is. If the drivetrain feels under pressure, maybe just ensure that you're pedalling softer when you're changing gears, and change down gears before you're climbing a hill.
    It sounds like a fantastic commute !!
  • amokamok Posts: 10
    Hi Greggyr,

    Thanks for the response. The frame and brakes are definitely up to the challenge, but I just find it to be very noisy with steep hills and standing up to put pressure on. Perhaps it's chain stretch or something that needs tuning, then. Thanks!

    Any advice on drop bars?
  • GreggyrGreggyr Posts: 1,075
    I do ride with drop bars, but rarely get down on the drops. They do help when riding into a strong wind. I'm a similar size to you & I can't ride for too long on them.
    Make sure your chain is well lubed as well, that may help with the creaking etc.
  • amokamok Posts: 10
    Thanks - the wind is really the main issue; it's not called Windy Wellington for no reason!

    Actually, the main issue is my trademarked 'gut parachute'.
  • GreggyrGreggyr Posts: 1,075
    Haha, me too !! There's been a lot of wind on the man streets of south London this year
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