Sending wheels

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What's the best way of sending a set of wheels in terms of price/reliability, all the couriers seem to have very poor reviews :?


  • Bozman
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    I box the wheels and use send it now. They charge about £12, they use Parcel Force and they pick the parcel up at a time that you choose.
  • Depends... if they are expensive wheels, you might want to cover the value and that costs money. Typically Parcelforce will cover for only 100 pounds of lost or damaged, un less you pay extra for cover... that can become a very expensive parcel if you are sending some carbon wheels.

    If they're only worth 50 quid, then you can find brokers like Parcel2go who will charge you 6-7 quid
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  • Jonbek
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    I ended up sending them parcelforce at the post office, think it was 14 quid with the added insurance.