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Driving to Morzine -recommended places to stop

chrisw333chrisw333 Posts: 695
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As per the title, driving with family to Morzine this summer. We have a spare few days so plan to stop on the way and way back. Does anybody have any reccomondation for good places to stay, villages, towns or even specific hotels /b&bs etc?

Obviously need somewhere that is family friendly with secure storage for the bikes, would be nice if it was picturesque with somewhere to get a decent meal.

Any recommendations?


  • UH DHUH DH Posts: 4,160
    Not really what you're looking for, but if it's a mountain sort of vibe you want, I'd go a bit further south and pop in to some of the southern alps. Go spend a day or two at Tignes, they have free uplifts there.

    The only other thing I'd recommend, if you're taking the autoroute, stop off at the Poulet en Bresse services. It's the French motorway equivalent of Tebay. Really nice compared to the other services, and they sell their local produce there, supposedly some of the best chickens in the world.
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  • I'm thinking Troyes is probably best area in terms of distance etc on the way down. Maybe Reims on the way back.

    May pop down to Anecey too if we have time.

    Still interested in any specific recommendations though.
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