Hello, new to the site and road bikes.

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the site and to road bikes. I live in Essex and up to 2 years ago I done a lot of mountain biking just for fun and fitness, but then my son came along I stopped sold my bike and got fat!

I now fancy a road bike, few friends ride etc and I want to get my fitness up again.

I have been liking for. The last few months doing some reading about everything.

I have seen a giant defy 1 at the local bike shop. I have also been on eBay and I don't know what bike would be best?

Would you guys recommend a good starting bike, I want to get something that will last me a while before I Lon to upgrade. I will manly be cycling at weekends.

Also would anyone have anything they would sell? I know I could get more bike for my money 2nd hand?

Thank you.



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    For your first bike, get to a local shop. They'll be able to fit you to a bike - and the bike to you. If you buy online or from the classifieds, you may up with a bargain which doesn't fit you :)

    Have a look at the google reviews for local shops, or maybe contact a local club - see if you can find someone that may also sell second hand bikes and get the best of both worlds.
  • Hi there,
    Being able to have a good fitting bike will be a good thing! I bought my bike in a sale and probably got one a size too small, which is a little frustrating now.
    I'd start at your local bike shop and see if you can swing a leg over a couple to see what styles you like. Then you can start looking for after season sales (at entry level, buying last season makes no real difference!) or even second hand- buy buying from an LBS will help if anything goes wrong, and you can be sure that there aren't any parts about to wear out! That's where a local club can help- as you can ask members for maintenance tips etc.

    You can't go too far wrong with the offerings of most of the big bike brands- I'd suggest a budget of at least £500 and then you'll get a machine that lasts. If you can, try looking for machines with carbon forks and possibly Tiagra/ 105 groupset that you'll still enjoy if you get into it more!

    I personally bought a Trek 1.1 a little over 3 years ago- and now it's done over 10k miles, several races and TTs and still going strong (although most of the original parts other than frame/ fork have worn out and been replaced!). I suspect that most bikes around that price point will serve you well though!

    Good luck!
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    Be prepared for you wallet to be empty and a large credit card deficit :roll:
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    Please don't think that you are going to get a correctly sized frame and good fitting bike just because you go to your LBS.

    Its who you speak to rather than where you go.
    Try to understand the basics of why a bike fits/does not fit rather than trusting some guy in a shop.

    Make 100% sure its not too big and do not rule out changing things (i.e. spending more money) if you want it to fit well.
    A bike is far more likely to be too big than too small.
    They come in about 5 sizes, 3 of which it should be obvious are wrong.
    That leaves 2 and if the bigger is anywhere near too big, get the other one ;-)
  • I have a defy 1 and very happy with it, but the best advice would be to try as many bikes as you can before you buy. It's amazing what little differences can make. Do the research on components - a lot of bikes at similar prices will be similarly specced but there are sometimes some obvious better components. Suggest seeing if you can find a last season model, often with discount!
    Bottom line, if the bike doesn't fit, you won't be comfy and won't enjoy yourself!