Garmin 810 -due a replacement?

gbr236 Posts: 393
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I've resisted upgrading my now "out of warranty" 800
Unfortunately the gps seems to be failing as sometimes just will not lock onto satellites.
Probably needs repeat £100 or replacement £290 for the 810.
But is there another one just around the corner?


  • slowbike
    slowbike Posts: 8,498
    Its £74 for the out of warranty replacement ... but how far out of warranty is it?
  • daviegb
    daviegb Posts: 126
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but have you tried either downloading the software again or, if this doesn't work, doing a factory re-set? I had a similar issue with my 800 & this seems to have fixed the issue. Hopefully the link below will help; ... es?caseId={38fcc6a0-cd2c-11e0-cf56-000000000000}

    It might be a cheaper option than buying a replacement!