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A trip around Lake Geneva - advice please

Cool4catzCool4catz Posts: 76
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Hi all,
I'm going over to the Alps with family in July and have a pass to take a day out and cycle around Lake Geneva which looks awesome, even more so in this dark wet and windy February.
Anyway I need to hire a bike rather than pack mine, any advice recommendations welcome and any advice from people who've went round the lake.


  • Rental not sure but make sure you ride clockwise... So Geneva - Lausanne - Montreux - Evian etc

    That means you're turning right at the junctions (of which there are rather a lot), and so can easily filter into traffic.

    It's a great ride and you'll always be able to look at a map of Europe and know you rode around the continent's largest lake (Western Europe anyway).

    Try and start early on a Sunday. There can be a lot of commuter traffic otherwise. The bit between Lausanne and Montreux is lovely. When heading west from Thonon make sure you stick as closely as possible to the lake shore. That means a bit of detour via Yvoire (a beautiful waterfront village). Otherwise you'll be stuck on a nasty trunk road with no shoulder.

    Most of the Swiss side has some kind of provision for bicycles and drivers are pretty amenable both sides.

    Have fun! (It can be windy too but I see you're from south west Scotland so that won't matter to you!)
  • Garry HGarry H Posts: 6,639
    And look out for "speed" walkers around the Geneva area. They use ski sticks over there!
  • Cool4catzCool4catz Posts: 76
    Thanks, great advice. Decided to buy a bike bag and take bike over. Not too expensive and more flexible. I'm planning to use a garmin 800 so will programme in your route before I go. Off in July, I'll let you know how get on. Thanks again.
  • I used to work in Lausanne and its a stunning area - didn't cycle at the time but did lots of walking and running in the area (Lausanne itself is a bit on the hilly side). Really envious of your trip and good luck!
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