Saddle size ?

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I hadn't realised that saddles come in different sizes and after a bike fit the guy recommended I change my saddle to something like Spez Romin Evo. Looking at em and find they come in 3 sizes but have no idea how to work out what size I need . How are saddles sized and where do you measure on the saddle ?
The bike fit guy is away for a week but could do with finding out before he's back.


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    Any Spec store can tell you. It doesn't take a fitter to have you sit on a pad...
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  • You need to measure your sit bones to determine what saddle width to go for. A good d.i.y way I've found to do this is (make sure no ones around first) place 2 slices of fresh white bread side by side on a hard surface, then lower your naked ass so your crack lines up down the centre of the 2 pieces of bread, now assume a riding position. Slowly get back up, place the bread side by side if its moved. You should have a great impression of your bottom especially your sit bones. All you need to do now is find the middle of each bone and measure the distance between them. I think if you add 30 to 40mm gives you your saddle width. Don't forget to throw away the bread.
  • Superb, but why throw the bread away ! I wear used bib shorts after all .
  • Suppose you could toast it.
  • Make sure you spread Marmite on it before serving...