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My rear wheel is a 32 spoke type, after a club ride I always run a baby wipe up and down all the spokes to remove dirt. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary with all the rear spokes apart from one. I found this single spoke felt slack compared to the others and I could move it from side to side. The wheel itself is running fine but is this something I should have looked into ?
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    Get a spoke key and carefully tighten it up until it feels like the other spokes.

    It does need seeing to but as long as you mark the dodgy spoke (cos once it's fairly tight you might easily lose track of it!), you should be able to tighten it adequately without special tools.

    BTW if you must use Baby wipes make sure they are the biodegradeable sort. But really, if you genuinely wipe the spokes after each ride, all you need is any old rag or bit of kitchen towel. Babywipes are massive overkill for pretty much anything on a well cared for bike except maybe white bar tape.
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