Window shopping.....fatal.

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Well the other day, whilst visiting a potential client I made the mistake of parking a couple of hundred yards short of his premises. Subconsciously I knew exactly what I was doing and ended up parking outside a popular bike shop with a window full of shiny pornography!!

I thought 'Well I'm here so a quick look in the window won't hurt' wrong I was! Now I'm all confused! I felt like a happily married man that's just had a stunning Lithuanian lap dancer come onto him!

I was looking forward to my spring/summer with my Giant Defy 4 but now I've had my head turned by some shiny stuff. My ultimate cycling goal is to race 4th cat criteriums (starting this May) and was reasonably confident me and the Defy were gonna take it on together.....but now I can't stop thinking about a Specialized Allez Race!! :?

The main question for the technically minded people on here, is it worth doing? Is there much of a leap in performance between the Giant and the Allez Race?? When all said and done it's still gonna be my legs powering the thing!

I have neglected GD4 over the winter so perhaps we just need to spend a bit of time together and fall in love again :?


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    I have a defy 4 and now a spesh roubaix comp carbon. To be honest I notice little difference in performance, perhaps more comfort. My defy is now my winter hack and I like it a lot. I presume yours has the 2300 thumb shifters? I think the allez is sora compact?

    My humble opinion is that you would have to spent a bit more money for a 'leap in performance' but you might have to as a defy would be a bit under specced for crit racing
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    At Cat 4 level, your defy will be great for crit racing, all the bits will be easily/cheaply replaced following crashes and you won't be being held back by your equipment.
    I'll be racing on my Ribble Winter bike this year if I do any, obviously removing the mudguards.
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    Lesson here keep your money for the Lithuanian Lap Dancer and don't park near that place again.
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    Get some matt black paint and some red decals (I'm sure you'll find some good advice for the latter) and redecorate your frame. It will look and perform just like the Specialized!
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