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Carbon tubular wheels

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First up apologies for another wheel thread. I know this has been done to death and I've searched and read a lot of them.

I have Been toying with trying tubs for a whole now, and while if I'm honest I'm still not 100% convinced - the only way I will ever know is to give it a go. So was going to buy some 45mm carbon tubs from Planet X. Seem like a good value entry for under £400 and I don't want to invest too much only to discover I don't get on with them. But discovered today they are not compatible with 11spd and having just invested in a bike with 6800 11spd that's a bit of a censored . Do back to square one!

So my question is basically what else can I get as a decent entry to the world of tubular wheels for that kind of money? Not bothered about brand, stickers, hand built or factory etc but would prefer uk warranty rather than Chinese etc. lots of threads but mainly seem to be about clinchers v tubs or particular high end sets so would appreciate any thoughts/advice.
Many thanks


  • Have you looked at the Wheelsmith RACE50 T23.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • The planet X tubs can be converted by buying their £30 free hub converter. You'll need fitting: 11sp and Wheel compatible: carbon clincher (works for tubs too) ... eehub-body

    They'll fit it for you if you phone them. Thats what I did
  • I suppose its who you get with PX! I asked them that very question this morning and they just said no they are not 11spd compatible!!

    Wheelsmith looks really good - just a bit out of my price range. Seem great value though having said that.
  • Yeah, very true, it took me a couple of calls to get someone to do it, ask them to ask their manager if it can be done. That should help
  • Why don't you get the PX with a Campagnolo freehub and run an Athena cassette? It works perfectly with Shimano 11 speed... or are you one of those who would rather spend 300 quid more to have the full group set of the same brand? :wink:
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  • I didn't know you could do that to be honest Ugo thanks. I'm not at all bothered about groupset all looking the same. I run sram brakes on my shimano bikes because they are better. And rotor cranks on the ultegra bike and a sram force on the 105. Will call PX again and hope for someone else!

    Any other recommendations?

    Could someone build a decent set for that kind of money?
  • Have you looked at Fuerte Bici?
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  • Could someone build a decent set for that kind of money?

    Carbon? Nope
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    There are inexpensive 11 speed hubs about like miche Primato for example and lace those to some chinese imported tubular rims or gigantex (there is U.K distribution) and you will have a wheel you will like. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I may drop wheelsmith a line. Just a bit nervy about spending too much and then not getting on with fitting tubs. Though I'm sure that's all in my head and they're not actually that much harder than clinchers once you learn how to do it.

    Are the PX ones good for that price? Are they handbuilt?
  • Are the PX ones good for that price? Are they handbuilt?

    Yes, they are hand built on Gigantex rims... they normally use Pillar bladed spokes, which are OK and rebadged Novatec hubs... if you ride them in dry conditions and don't expect them to last for 20,000 miles, you might get a pretty good deal for the money.
    Don't ride them down a 20% slope... Gigantex rims don't brake that well even with the fancy Swisstop pads

    Alternatively look in the classifieds, there are plenty of folks selling near new carbon wheels
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  • Are they the same gigantex rims that wheelsmith use?
  • Are they the same gigantex rims that wheelsmith use?

    Dunno, I have never seen any of his wheels. The PX are the 19 mm wide ones...

    In other words, beggars can't be choosers... branded carbon tubulars (Zipp, Reynolds, HED, Mavic or Bontrager) hover well over a thousand pounds... when you spend 399 you can't be too fussy
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  • PX have told me they can sell me a free hub to Convert them to 11spd but they can't fit it - fair enough. Not sure why first person couldn't have just told me that. So it's now straight choice between PX and fuerte Bici.
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