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I've had my heart set on this for the past few months, tonight I go online to order it in XL and noticed this for a couple of hundred pounds more ... o=A1032481

which would you go for and why.

thanks for your advice.


  • The CF SLX will be a lighter and stiffer frame.

    Personally I'd go for the SRAM force AL and get some nice wheels or the CF SLX with Mavic SLRs.

    Both will be excellent bikes, and having had Ultegra Di2, i'd only go for Dura Ace Di2 now.
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  • Can you expand your comment about reluctance to use Ultegra DI 2
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    The CF SLX is reportedly a fantastic frame - and I think it looks better!
    The biggest difference between the two really is the groupsets.
    The CF SLX is last years spec with 10 speed Ultegra 6700. The AL SLX is new 11 speed Ultegra 6800.
    If I was buying a mechanical groupset I'd go for neither and get the CF SL with new Ultegra instead as the 6800 group is supposedly a significant step up on shifting. Not sure if this is as significant with Di2.
    Does the extra sprocket matter to you?

    This is really down to your priorities and personal preferences.
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    I know I should go for the best frame set I can afford. However I'd like to find out the significance differences between the two ultegra di2 groupsets?
  • Personally id go for the AL. It may look less trick but it is pretty much the xenith of aluminium engineering ( without going custom ). Newer di2 has a better battery and brakes and the chainset is stiffer. The AL is a little more robust and a lovely bike and the Antares is a nice saddle. I have aluminium steel and several carbon bikes and I don't think any one material should be given primacy. In the end though its personal preference.
  • I have an AL and a CF SLX. The Al is a great frame but it doesn't compare to the CF. Especially for all day comfort.
    Both Valverde (Movistar) and Kristoff (Katusha) have had stage wins in the last two days on the SLX. So you will be buying into that with the CF SLX if that floats your boat.
    The niggle for me would be the 10 speed Ultegra but it is a steal at the price IMO.
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    I saw the CF ultimate and thought that for the couple of hundred pounds more it would be a better frame for those long distance rides.