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Newbie looking for Mtb buddies in N Essex

Mantronix16Mantronix16 Posts: 2
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Hi all,

All the gear, lots of idea just now lacking in fitness and stamina pretty much sums it up.

43 yrs old been into mtb'ing for over 15 yrs, previously riding the likes of Thetford, Coed, Afan, S Downs etc. Not been out seriously now for a good few years due to a young family and putting a few stone on! Probably capable of a Sat / Sun 20 miler at a reasonable pace / Thetford black/red trail, looking for like minded people for cycling buddies, I'm getting bored going out on my todd! I carry out all my own maintenance and build my own bikes so pretty keen on getting back into it and getting that buzz again.

Based in Colchester so if anyone is localish and in a similar situation pm me.

Cheers all!


  • Hello, I believe have mtb ride outs from colchester and are a good bunch.

    Another site worth looking as is as there is a good forum with lots of Essex based riders on it, i've met up with with a few guy in the past and they showed me the thorndon and langdon hills trails
  • Ask about this in local bike shops, they will point you in the right direction. Given the size of Colchester, there is bound to be a cycling club or two.
  • hello mate new to the thetford area so always looking for riding buddies if your ever up this way. also check out timber mtb group based in thetford.
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