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I've had a little search for similar threads but cant really find anything so thought I'd start a new topic.

A little background...

I'v got a 2014 Boardman Team Carbon, I think it's a great bike for the price but obviously they have skimped in areas such as wheels.

The wheels that came with the bike are Mavic CXP22, which I believe are Mavic's most budget wheel, very heavy and not the most durable but perfect for me to use over the winter.

Now its time to start thinking about some new wheels for the summer. I have put 'race' in the title but this is a very loose term as I wont be doing any racing but do have the odd sportive including the Fred Whitton. Generally i mean a a good set of lightweight wheels for someone with not too much money.

I have been looking at the Shimano RS80/81 C24's for some time as they get good reviews and are often a good price at many online retailers.

What are peoples general thoughts of these wheels?

Currently £349 at Planet X.

http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/WPSHOEMRS8 ... n-wheelset

Also while browsing Planet X website I have come across these Vision Trimax T30 wheels at £249

http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/WPFSTRIVIS ... x-wheelset

Does any one have any experience with the Vision wheels? To me they look good for the price and seem fairly light.

Or can anyone recommend a set of similar wheels in and around the costs of these two?
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  • Wheels are not supposed to be consumable items,
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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  • Wheels are not supposed to be consumable items,

    Really? Factory wheels are as far as I'm concerned.

    At that price handbuilts are a possibility and if you go with them at least it's only the rims that are consumables (if I don't others will mention hand builts and I now wouldn't ride anything else).

    Otherwise the RS81's are as good as it gets price/performance wise, great wheels for anyone not too heavy for them.
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    Be interested to know if those Vision Trimax are REALLY only 1520g. That is extremely light for 30mm alloy rims.
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    I'd use Mavic CXP 22s until the rims go.
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    I'd use Mavic CXP 22s until the rims go.

    Said the wheels collector.... :lol:

    I've opened a spring fling thread in the organised rides section... have a look
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    If you are open to handbuilts look at builders who will use the Kinlin XC-279 for a wide deep rim or the XR-300/XR-270 for a narrow deep light rim. Build these on suitable novatec, miche or some else's hubs and ride.
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    I bought the vision T30 wheels which were cheaper but heavier. I really like them. Spin up really well. No complaints at all. I will certainly go for vision wheels in the future! I would be tempted o for for these at that price.