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newcomers first bike

brid21brid21 Posts: 2
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Morning everyone if possible I was after a bit of advice. As a complete new comer to this, having only done a bit of casual mountain bike riding in the distant past I was looking for some info regarding bikes. I have a friend who is a keen road cyclist and he recommended cyclocross bikes as being most suited to my requirements, I am off in the next few days to a local bike shop (specialising in tri Athlon type stuff and bikes, not a chain store type bike shop) to see what they have and possibly get sized for a bike if I can. If they haven't got anything I like or can afford! what would anyone recommend? In case it matters I'm about 6'2" 15 1/2 stone (though about 1/2 stone overweight hence the return to some cycling) and budget wise I was trying to stay under £700, (we are looking for a flat, and my fiancée would kill me if I spend anymore). Wiggle have got a ridley x-bow for about £650 is that any good? Any recommendations/help would be appreciated as I'm floundering in the sheer amount of bikes/info out there?


  • Hi,

    What sort of riding do you want to do? A cross bike is a Jack of all trades type of machine. On or off roadriding ...
  • KimbleKimble Posts: 53
    I would recommend the Planet X XLS flanders. Really good spec for the money but is above your budget @ £999. if you stick to your budget I would recommend a Boardman cx team. you could get 2nd hand perfect condition for about 650-700 or brand new for £810 on sale. it is my Go-To bike for commuting, CX racing and spins with the wife etc and has managed several agressive riding trips to bike parks. best of all it makes a very fast reliable commuter (on 25mm gatorskins) I've even got some KOM's to prove it). I have a decent MTB and Roadie but love the jack of all trades-ness of the CX.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,490
    a CX is the jack of all trades - I have one for winter commuting and family rides - I rode it both days this weekend for a 46 mile and a 13 mile ride - once summer comes along I'll swap out the 32mm tyres for something a little thinner and it'll cruise along nicely - almost as fast as my road bike - then when I need to I can swap the wheelset for the one with CX tyres and off-road it.

    Ideally you'd want a CX with disk brakes, but that could easily put you over budget. Mine has rim brakes as it meant I could easily swap wheelsets with my road bikes - the braking is inferior, but it still brakes and that's the critical bit!

    If you get a new 2012 or 13 bike you can save quite a bit on the current model.
    If you could source a second hand bike then you get even more bike for your money.
  • mikpemmikpem Posts: 139
    The Ridley bikes are quite nice and seem to be quite popular on the cross racing scene around here.
    If it were me I would be trying to find that little extra to get this, I think they look great and this is a bargain! It's even in the right size for you ;) (you also have the option of 0% finance to ease the finances) ... _57521.htm
  • Someone posted this the other day, and I think its a bargain! ... basic-kit/

    A bit of a risk as you can not "see it in the flesh" and be sure on fit, however £ vs kit, its a bargain, it won't be the lightest bike in the world, but it should be tough. So tempted myself, but I alread have a road, cx, and mtb :roll:

    If the bug really took over in months, then it would be perfect as a winter trainer, then you can get a nice road only bike :twisted:
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