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So I've just moved to a 29er bike. Normally on a 26er I will always use Panaracer XC Fire Pro, but I'm less clued up on 29er tyres.

From what I've read, Maxxis Ignitor 29 x 2.1 with the exo casing are quite a suitable choice for the types of environment that I plan to be riding in. Mud, hard pack, gravel, shale chips (or similiar) basically everything but deep mud.

Has anyone got any thoughts on them?


  • Northwind
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    (I haven't used the 29er versions but) Ignitor is a classic allrounder. Specialized's Purgatory also worth a look- I wish the rubber was just a tiny bit softer but they're still really good
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    Ignitors are my tyre of choice. Great all rounder. The soft (Exceptions)
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  • You wish the rubber was a little softer on the Ignitor or the Purgatory?
  • Northwind
    Northwind Posts: 14,675
    The Purg- it's a really good tyre but can be a wee bit slippy on wet rock.
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