Clicking noise coming from the rear wheel

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I've started to notice a clicking noise everytime the pedal does one whole turn ( 3 & 9), only seem to notice it the higher gear, it's coming from the cassette area.

I went on my Turbo Trainer first and noticed a slight click, it then went away and decided to come back halfway through my ride and stayed, I've turned the bike upside down and turned the pedals and there is still a clicking noise.

I've cleaned my chain and lubed it up but it's not made any difference.

There seems to be a slight wobble on the rear wheel where the cassette sits.

Any ideas ?


  • keef66
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    If the click occurs at the same point in the revolution of the pedals then it's much more likely to be coming from a pedal or the bottom bracket. Removing, greasing and reinstalling is often enough to silence them.

    One other hilarious culprit can be the end of the front mech cable catching a shoe or pedal as it passes.