Headset for Touring Bike?

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Looking for a recommendations on a headset for a Surly LHT 700c frame and forks.

Also, should the bearings come pre-oiled and is there any prep work needed doing to the riser bar area?
I'll be getting a LBS to fit the headset but just wanted to familiarize myself with the process.



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    According to the description of Surly LHT 700c frame and forks, it is a standard 1 and 1/8th threadless headset. So you have two types - one's with bearing races and the other is sealed units. Obviously, the sealed one's you don't have to lubricate. Pretty straightforward to fit - why don't you skip the 'LBS' bit?
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  • Thank you,

    There is currently the old headset fitted and I don't have the tools for removing / installing. I plan to do most other jobs on the build (except wheels) but don't want to risk damaging the headset.

    I will make a note of size being 1, 1/8th - you say 2 types - sealed & race, I think sealed will be better for a tour - is the life of a part like this good?

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    If you don't have the tools just take it to the LBS and get them to remove all the parts and fit the new (cups and crown race).
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    Bike-Rich wrote:
    There is currently the old headset fitted and I don't have the tools for removing / installing.
    Is your current headset worn out? If not I don't see any need to get a new one. Even less expensive HS's should be very durable if kept lubed properly.
  • Thanks guys and sorry for delay,

    I purchased frame second hand and there is a FSA headset fitted, I've not really thought much about keeping it - is FSA a good make?
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    Depends on which model of FSA headset - there are some good ones and some less so. Depends if it feels notchy and rough - if the cups aren't damaged you can simply replace the bearings.
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  • Thanks,

    So if you were picking a headset Monty for around the 30 quid mark with touring/durability in mind - what would you pick?
  • For touring you want reliability, get a Chris king, use a very good shop as you'll need to have the headtube reamed and faced and the fork crown reamed and faced