Secteur or Secteur Sport?

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Over the past year I've been building up my riding distances on an old MTB with a view to getting a bit fitter and shifting some of the middle-age spread.

I've all but decided to use this years Cycle to work scheme to get a 'proper' road bike but having only ever really bought the el-cheapo halfords specials in the past am a bit bewildered.

I'm quite liking the look of the Specialized Secteur because of its supposed more relaxed riding position rather than being completely hunched over in the drops, but am now torn between the standard triple model or the sport. The sport is £200 more, and from what I can gather is the same frame and wheels, but uprated gears and brakes.

The main question is, will I notice the £200 difference between the 2 models? I'm building up the distances, but am not going to enter Le Tour anytime soon, ideally I'd like to get the fitness to a level to be able to do the London 100-miler or similar in a couple of years.


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    You are on the right track as you know what you want from the bike.

    Most road bikes can be adjusted to give a move upright riding position and are not all head down machines of torture.

    My Trek 1.5 Road bike originally had a drop from the saddle to the bars that was far to large for me. After flipping the stem to the upright position and putting in spacers it is now fine and only has about an inch of drop. It is now very comfortable to ride for hours.

    When it comes to gears the more you have of the right gear ratio's for you riding the more often you will be able to find the right gear. My bike is a 10 speed compact with a 12-30 cassette. This means it will go up any hill but still has some speed in it. Gearing helps but really it is down to your fitness and setting the bike up correctly for you.

    The bikes you are looking at are more designed for comfort with larger tyres and wider gearing range. If you look around for the same price in the sales you can get a 2013 Secteur with Tiagra giving you 10 speed or the 2013 disc version which is popular with commuters as the disc brakes stop quickly in any weather.