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Toe knee
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Hi all,

I have a spesh Allez, fitted with Alex s500 wheelset, now here's my question. Last night after one to many beers in the house, I bought and going to pick up later, a brand new set of shimano r501 wheels complete with schwalbe tubes & tyres. So I would like to know if it's worth fitting these or just re-sell to re coup my money.
Now if they are worth fitting, how easy and how do I remove & swap the cassette.

Thanks for any advice.



  • majormantra
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    They are both heavy, entry-level wheelsets, so I doubt you'd notce much difference. It's possible the Shimanos have slightly nicer hubs, but I don't know about that - not sure what's on the Alex set.

    Planet X is selling the R501s for £60 right now, FWIW.
  • Toe knee
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    Panic over, the kind gent is giving me a refund on the wheels, so I will just change the tyres on the Alex rims, any
    Cheapish recommendations please.