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whyte suffolk

kelvinpumbakelvinpumba Posts: 16
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Anyone got one what it like.
like the look of the brakes.

like tricross disc, but doesn,t have carbon fork so may to rougher( thoughts)

Or there the boardman cx ( but mean going to halfords )

any thought people looking to spend £1000-1200, after bike for fitness on maily road, some paths .


  • I had a test ride on the model down when selecting my bike. In Value for Money terms it pips the Tricross to the post.

    In the end I went with the PlanetX XLS, as I thought it rode better (full carbon frame), and had a better overall spec, except for the brakes, but I love the BB7's so no issue for me, and it was cheaper.
  • Hi,
    This is mine.
    I bought this to be my best bike for roads and (mainly tarmac) cycle paths.
    I ride 30 - 40 miles most weekends with a few shorter rides midweek. I also do a couple of 70m rides each summer. I aspire to further.
    I ride over some steep hills so considered low gears and great brakes to be essential. I weigh 100 kg so take some stopping on the way down hill!!
    Got the bike last weekend and have done 40miles so far. Living up to expectations so far.
  • Forgot to mention.
    This is not a cross bike, but marketed as for the road, built with cross bike robustness.
    Ideal for the larger gent, like myself.
  • are you actually in Swansea Dave?
    2014 Genesis CDF
    2010 Boardman MTB Comp

    Gifted enough to extract twice the fat and calories from any food.....
  • Yes. Most of the time.
  • What size did you get and what height are you
  • Got a 56. I am 5' 10" tall with 33" inside leg.
    I weigh about 100kg.
    When on the hoods the bike feels a bit stretched compared to what I am used to. The shallow drops are really comfy though,
  • Hi cheer well gone and got one today and really like it very comfortable and nice to ride.
  • Yes. Most of the time.

    Me too. That's a fine looking bike.

    Just picked up a Genesis CDF on Saturday. Looking forward to going anywhere and everywhere on it.
    2014 Genesis CDF
    2010 Boardman MTB Comp

    Gifted enough to extract twice the fat and calories from any food.....
  • Hi Pizza,
    I looked at the Genesis. I did fancy more road than Cross orientated.
    Also the Whyte are a bit lighter being Ali.
    Mainly though I wanted the 105 for cables under bar tape ( vanity ) and the TRP HY RD brakes. (Reviewed as the best disc brakes currently available).
    So far I have ridden the mountain from Felindre to Garnswllt and the bike is great both up and down the steepest bits. Also ridden a couple of the tarmac cycle paths and the bike is great on the bumpy bits (tree roots under tarmac).
    The bike is perfect for light off roads like the cycle path from bynea to Llanelli.
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