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Dear All,

I am considering organising a road bike tour for few students (17 and 18 years old) for late March next year as part of my school's Activity Week. We are based in Hong Kong so could stay in Asia but at that time in the year I would think Southern Europe might be possible. We would ride for 4-6 days or so. Does anyone have any suggestions of locations and operators I could use, please?

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  • Hi Steve
    have a look here:
    i run it and am a qualified teacher with experience of trips with students. Though I just do this now apart from some consultation. As you will see there are many cultural sites and natural phenomena that may complement your trip. I can tailor the trip for your needs.
    is the official tourist website but it ain't working today, at least.
  • pottssteve
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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your reply. I visited the Veneto a few years ago - it's a lovely area with some great roads for riding. My only concern would be the weather at that time of year - would the roads normally be open and available for riding? I visited in February and it was pretty cold.

    I'll continue looking but I would be interested if you could PM me some prices for a group of around 8 people for 6 night's accommodation, 4 days guided riding, one day tour of Venice, transfers, food etc, just to give me rough figures to work with.

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  • Steve,
    The weather changes suddenly here, gaining 10 degrees in a day, then it is, say, spring. In my time here it happens early -to mid- march and soon the pattern is settled until the next shock leap. The insects are the best indication, and today the cicadas made a foray, but they were fooled this time, Probably, but it is a mild winter this year. So end of March you should expect mild days at about 20-25 degrees.
    The main route up Mt Grappa is open, always, and it is not so tough,but really cold up top and perishing on the descent, and the lesser routes will be thawing with detritus on the road, but good for an up-down to 1000m. Further Over, in this zone, at asiago there are many comfortable hilly routes as they face south over the Po Valley. The foothills are always clear and good. I did a long route today through Prosecco hills in winter apparel and I was over dressed.
    Hope it's useful.
    The other bits I'll pm you with.