Calf cramps - bumpy road

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I know that cramps have a myriad of different causes, such as poor electrolytes, hydration, tiredness etc etc.

But has anyone experienced calf cramps which seem to appear solely when riding through potholes / bumps in the road?

I'm building up mileage on my first road bike (Triban 3) and every time I go out my left calf gets a nasty cramp at some point during the ride. It always seems to coincide with hitting a poor part of the road surface (how do you guys cope with the roads without suspension!!) which I think makes me tense my legs either in anticipation of the bump or as a consequence of hitting it. Fortunately I only have toe loops on the pedals so I can get the foot out easily and ride along like an idiot with one leg sticking out until I can stop safely and stretch it out.

Is this a common cause of cramps? Or is it just me?

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