zipp 404, opinions please

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i am looking at zipp 404 wheel sets, think i will be looking for a good second hand set. but really i was wondering what peoples experiences of the wheels are, cheers
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  • Some will say that Zipp wheels are great – and some will tell you that the hubs will explode and you will most certainly die.

    I’ve been riding 303 FC’s (tub version) since the start of last year and IMO they’re excellent wheels.
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    I'm one of those who died riding Zipps. Luckily I got better. :P
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  • I've had my Zipp 404's for over a year. They are great wheels when riding on the flats, in the drops. They also respond very well to hard accelerations. Side winds can be somewhat of a problem, especially if you're a little on the lighter side. I've heard about the hub problems, but have never had that happen to me or anyone else I know. Highly recommended!
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    I love mine - 2010 tub version. No problems with the wind but then I weigh 80kg and they are race wheels only. I assume reynolds and the like do something as good. I have always had the suspicion that the zipp reputation is also to do with marketing as well as the fact they are nice wheels.