Cervelo s2/s3 fit

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I'm looking at a cervelo s2 but am sat between two sizes. I thought I was a 56, I usually am, but looking a at the geometry the 54 is closest to my current bike a cervelo seem generous with their measurements. I'm 180cm with an 88cm inseam.
Does anybody else ride an S2 or S3 (they have same geometry)? What size did you go for, what are your measurements, and how do you find it?
And before the thread gets filled by replies telling me to get a proper bike fit, it's on the cards, I'm just interested to hear how others got on with the actual bike itself and how easy it was to fit


  • If you're between sizes, always go smaller and use seatpost, stem and spacers to make it fit. Nothing worse than seeing someone on a bike that's too big for them.
  • I'm 6ft 2 and I think I would be happier on a 56cm rather than the 58cm that I own. Get to a bike shop and sit on one.
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    I do not have a Cervelo. However my measurements aren't radically different from yours and on a recent Retul fit the fitter suggested that an ideal bike for me geometry wise would be a 56 cervelo. R and S series are the same geometry. Of course there is no way of telling from a post in a forum so better to go and sit on a couple. Its a lot of money to spend for it not to be perfect
  • That's the other thing, I know so many guys of similar sizes who have had bike fits and all swear their size is the right one yet the bikes vary wildly in size. The 54 cervelo S2 almost exactly matches my current bike which fits like a glove so common sense says that's the size I need but the cervelo dealer thinks I should have 56
  • Normally 58 or XL, but 56 on Cervelo - 185cm tall. Tend to go one size smaller than other brands. The geometry/fitting stuff on the Cervelo web site is about right. Also shorter stem needed on both my Cervelos 110 rather than 120 for 58/XL bikes had previously.