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Weatherproof bib longs for around £50?

broonabroona Posts: 414
edited February 2014 in Road buying advice
Looking for some relatively wind and waterproof bib longs, just something to keep the chill off without turning into a sponge, lol!

I've seen the Planet X Pro-Line 365 X Windex Bib Tights, but I'd really like something with foot loops if possible, any other options please?

PS, they're mostly going to be worn off road under waterproof shorts, but I thought the bib experts would be more likely to frequent this forum! :wink:


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Sow your own foot loops on th PX ones. Can't realistically expect wind and waterproof for £50 though. Roubaix maybe, and I guess you could use a wash in proofer of the type used for fleeces.
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    I bought some Lusso Max Repel bib tights a couple of weeks ago for £44 (when Ribble had their sale) and they have been good. They were definitely warm enough this morning (and there was a massive headwind) and are water repellant, the water just beads off in the surface. I have only tested them in normal rain not deluges. The textile is not the same as my Gore Oxygen bib tights (which are completely windproof and quite waterproof) but the Gores are nearly double the price and they don't come without a pad.
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