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Newbie - needs some help choosing which Sirrus model

hotchilidamohotchilidamo Posts: 6
edited February 2014 in Commuting general
OK, so I'm not a complete noob to cycling, over the years I've done a fair amount of MTB off road in the New Forest. But now to improve fitness I'm looking at commuting to my new office. Its approx 7/8 miles single trip and will be along the beach promenade and roads. I'll be carrying a backpack with me too.

So from the research I've done and the advice I've received people are telling me a hybrid would probably suit me best and I've heard positives about the Specialized Sirrus range. So I have a couple of options and I'm not really sure on the core differences. Can you help?

So there's the 2013 Sirrus Elite for £500 ... e-ec042535

or the 2014 version for £650 ... e-ec053141

I'm thinking that the extra £150 probably isn't worth it for a newer model, would that be correct?

Also, I've seen a few Elite Disc models like this one (though no stock in the size I reckon I'd want) ... e-ec042536

Is it worth the extra to get Disc brakes?

And, one final question. My budget is about £600 and online I can get much better deals, aside from getting the size right, is there anything else I should be aware of before buying online? The sites I'm looking at are evans,, and cyclesurgery,com - I'm assuming these are all reputable?

Sorry for all the questions. Its all very confusing


  • bigmonkabigmonka Posts: 361
    I moved to disc brakes about a year ago (on an Edinburgh Bike Coop own brand hybrid which incidentaly I chose over the specialised sirrus) and I've got to say that I'm a convert. For commuting in all weathers its very reassuring to know that the brakes will always behave the same.
  • i've got a Sirrus, love it, fantastic for commuting in the city - more road bike oriented than most other hybrids, as far as I can tell.

    I have to say, I had a disc brake bike before this one and I do miss them in the rain - you always have stopping power. that said, i've survived on normal brakes for the past 3 years, albeit chewing througha LOT of pads when it's raining heavily.

    So it's really down to how much you can really afford, I reckon. Youll be fine without discs, but they do add a lot of reassurance in terms of stopping power in any weather.

    The stores you've mentioned online are reputable, so I reckon they'd be fine to order from. Evans should let you try one in store first anyway, so go for a test ride if you can.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    The Elite has aluminium forks whilst the 2014 model has carbon - so needs consideration.

    Sirrus is a nice easy bike to ride - and fine for the trails around the NF ... but why don't you consider a drop bar bike?

    I had a week of commuting on my wife's Sirrus - other than the fact that it was a little small for me, the bit that irritated me most was the lack of drop position - so when I got myself a winter commuter I went for the TriCross ... and that's suitable for the trails around the NF too !
  • Thanks everyone. Aluminium vs Carbon forks has come up before in my reading and some have said they don't notice a hell of a lot of difference and others reporting that there is a lot. What's your take? is it worth the extra cash?
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    My experience with the two is limited - my bikes all have carbon forks - my wife's sirrus is aluminium - I can't say I recall noticing the difference for the week I rode it to work - but that was a long time ago!

    That said - I'm back on my aluminium frame/carbon fork road bike for commuting atm - the difference between that and the all carbon bike is quite noticable - less of a difference between it and the aluminium frame/carbon fork CX - but that does have wider tyres on atm.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    For a hybrid without disc brakes have a look at the fit5 from Decathlon, carbon forks and for less than £360, amazing value.

    That said I am in the disc brakes camp!

    Specialised's tend to be overpriced, so maybe take a look at the Voodoo Marassa/Agwa or the Carrera Gryphon (disc).
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