iPad log-in fail

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Here's one.

I have the iPad set to Private in Safari - it's no-one's business what I read on the net. If I log in to BR it lets me in without issue, and allows me to see what's afoot in the Bottom Bracket area. I can never reply to any post anywhere though, in BB or out of it. If I hit the reply button the log-in prompt comes up again despite me being logged in and having my user ID clearly visible in the page banner (top right), and I can never get the log-in to stick to reply, even though the user ID remains visible.

Why so? Can it be fixed?

iPad is the last but one so about 2 years old, fully up to date with latest IOS version, and Safari browser set to Private mode.


  • owenlars
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    There are quite a lot of posts about this, I have mentioned it once or twice but I have never seen an answer. Anybody know how to sort this?
  • CiB
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    Oh. I did a search, albeit a cursory bloke search.

    Odd how log-ins on this site don't stick but on others they do. So it must be BR, or its implementation of the software. Log-ins stick ok on the SC Stats site wot I wrote, so it's not insurmountable.