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Route help - Kings X to Notting Hill Gate

fleehouse2fleehouse2 Posts: 82
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I am going to be starting work in London soon, so my commute is changing from a nice rural commute to a Ride-Train-Ride affair on a folding bike.

The last part is from Kings X to Notting Hill Gate, would someone be able to provide a route, don't mind mixing it with traffic but would rather avoid any trouble spots (if that makes sense).



  • GreggyrGreggyr Posts: 1,075
    Hi Steve

    have a look at ... ebMap.html (not sure this link will work, just search the LCN map if not)

    It looks as though Routes 0 and 40 will do the job and keep you off the main road.
  • samsbikesamsbike Posts: 942
    I do this when I commute.

    The easiest is on the Euston Road straight down to Sussex Gardens, round Lancaster Gate, onto Bayswater road, start to Notting Hill Gate.

    There is a cycle path down Russell Square way but I find it too congested
  • Thanks guys, will take a look.
  • It isn't the fastest route but one option could be along the Grand Union canal from around the back of Kings Cross, coming off at Westbourne Park then heading down to Notting Hill. I haven't been on this for a while so please let me know if this isn't viable. From memory, there will probably be teenage goths blocking the path at Camden and you need to come off the canal path for a bit around Little Venice.

    edit: its the Regents canal at Kings X, not the Grand Union.
  • Thanks all, have been doing the route samsbike suggested, not as scary as I feared.

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