Bike fit question after pro bike fit

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I have 2 road bikes, A winter / Crit bike which I have had a bike fit. Made some big changes which I quite like. And a Nice summer bike which I will do the majority of training on by the end of March.

Race bike - 56cm Trek 2.1 madone alu with rotor chainset (52/39),FFRWD wheels & 3T Ergonova alu bars.
Saddle gone up, forward and stem lowered and shortened from 120mm to 90mm. essentially the reach has been reduced as I was over stretched.
I have no problems with this and feels comfortable. In a racy sort of way.

My best bike - Van Nicholas Zephyr 54cm Dura Ace 9000 3T Carbon Ergonova Team bars with Alpha 340 tubeless with AC hubs.
I duplicated the fit to the race bike pre fit.... So it has a 130mm stem!! :shock:
I have got the saddle in the right position in relation to the bottom bracket but still feels over stretched.

Is it a simple case of ditching that and getting a 100mm stem, ive done the calculations and the reach is exactly 3cm longer. Is this a problem? Do I have to copy the reach or can I go down to a 110cm.

Questions is: Does the reach have to be the same on two different bike with two different purposes?

edit - I could get a bike fit on my nice bike, but the Race bike fit was free. Van nic wont be. I was told just to duplicate it. But not sure I can do long distances with such a short reach. perhaps I was a compromise. opinions wanted! sorry for ramble.
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    The purpose of a longer stem is to achieve a more aero position, or to help 'open up' the rider if they're cramped.

    If your fitter put you at a certain reach, then in theory this is the most efficient position for you. By extending your reach, you may be getting more aerodynamic, but you may also be compromising your power output. Mentioning that you feel overreached further proves that this may be the case. I'd recommend you stick to the reach you were given and maybe extend by 1cm at a time as you become more flexible or grow longer limbs.
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    Are you saying that the actual distance from the saddle nose to centre of handlebar is 3cm longer on your Van Nic than on your race bike? If so then, as you say, go down to a 100 mm stem. Or are you saying that you think you need a 130mm stem on the Van Nic because it has a shorter top tube than your racer? It seems to me the golden rule is to measure the actual distance to duplicate your race bike and get a stem to fit. Or am I missing something?
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    You could try 110, it doesn't have to be exactly the same, it's mainly trial and error really, not an exact science.
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    owenlars - Yes the Van Nic is 3cm longer than the race bike after fit.
    measuring from center of stem clamp to nose of saddle.

    I'm going to try a 110mm. this means it will be 1cm longer but don't want to sacrafice the handling.
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