Turbo Squeak help!!

Graeme Jones
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So after my last two turbo sessions it has developed a bad squeak and I can't fathom where it is coming from.
I have a yoga mat that I use between Turbo and flooring.
I did check mounting, remounting, tightening, loosening, checking QR, and tyre pressure I'm still baffled. Interestingly I noticed if I turn my handlebars it stopped so it could be some weird alignment issue or something?
Any ideas guys because it has not always done this and it's annoying my sessions.

What sort of tyre pressure should I be running? Higher or lower than normal road pressures etc?


  • imposter2.0
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    Could be tyre slippage due to insufficient roller pressure on the tyre. As for pressures, I usually go for around 90psi on the turbo.
  • TakeTurns
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    You need to try and investigate better where it's coming from.

    Are you sure it's the turbo itself? How old is it? And did you dismount the bike after the last two sessions.
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    My turbo / bike rattles, squeeks and clicks :D
  • The turbo is about a year old but been used very little last and about 8 times this year so good as new.
    I never leave it on the turbo over night etc as the bike often gets used on the road in between sessions.
    If it off the bike to investigate but just can't see or make out where it is coming from.
    On a side note my bike is perfect on the road so I would have thought it has to be how it's mounted.

    I have a session planned today when my son has his afternoon nap so will set up super carefully and mess about with tyre pressures as well.
    I will also check that the bolts on the roller it self haven't worked loose or anything
  • vimfuego
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    Mine was squeaking too a while back. A spot of WD40 on the legs (the turbo's, not mine you understand) where they fold down, and hey presto - no more squeak.
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  • Well the verdict is in! It's definitely the actual gel roller itself that's making the racket.
    When moving it with my finger it whines like the sound of a car that's gear box is on the way out a distinct whine that wasn't there on purchase.
    Hopefully wiggle can help.