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VW up bike rack

chaymckchaymck Posts: 157
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Has anyone fitted a bike rack to the boot of a VW up? Really looking at Saris Bones or Bones RS- car is not listed on the Saris website but it has only been manufactured since 2012. I have emailed Saris and also paligap, but I'm likely to get a quicker answer from asking here!



  • No but a mate of mine has one and can get his 56 cm colnago in the back with both wheels removed.
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    I'm tempted to say buy "a proper car" but that may cause offence so I won't.

    I managed to fit a bike, a dog in a box and all the family's hockey kit in then back of mine, without resorting to even folding the seats down.

    You undoubtedly get better mpg from yours though.
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  • chaymckchaymck Posts: 157
    I just like small cars!
  • GGBikerGGBiker Posts: 450
    I was looking at the Skoda Citigo (basically the same as VW Up), there is an option in the catalogue for specific roof bars to fit on the car and a matching roof mounted bike rack, think it was about £180 for the bars and £90 for the bike rack.

    How do you find the Up? For me the fuel economy and lack of road tax makes these cars a tempting option!
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    You might find the car isn't rated for towing, like my Citroen C1. If that's the case, there probably won't be any towbars made, and roof mounting it may be your only option

    I had a look for Westfalia, who make a chassis mounted rear rack for the C1 (which might be workable) and found this ... c4338.html

    Might be some help

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