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Dawes Discovery Road Sport 1 Cyclocross 2014 Bike

TumbledownTumbledown Posts: 3
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Hi all,

looking for some advice. I'm doing a charity bike ride from swansea to London via Southampton, and I'm looking for a bike to do it on.

the route will be a mix of road, cycle track, and canal paths.

I'm a bit stuck choosing between a hybrid and a cyclocross.
I'll be using the bike after the event to cycle to work (30 mile round trip) and want sometging with a bit of speed.

the Dawes Discovery Road Sport 1 Cyclocross 2014 Bike looks to be in my budget (£500) which needs to include the bike, pedals and other accessories.

I can't seem to find any reviews on this bike so don't know if it worth the buy.

any recommendations?


  • Looks like a very basic spec, and its only £386 at Wynstanley. Either a Cyclocross or a Hybrid would be fit for purpose. It perhaps doesn't help but I got a Specialized TriCross in a very good condition and high spec for £300 from EBay last year. Quote a few on EBay as they are popular. Also look at the Boardman CX and Hybrids, either see if you can get a good offer new or used (again a lot on EBay). Try to find those bikes for sale that people never really used or bought in error!

    Other than those I think you will have to look at perhaps some in house brands from the various companies, it seems everyone now offers a CX/Hybrid/Commute/Do it all bike, which is a good thing :)
  • Thanks guys, I'll do a bit more digging.

    I'm a bit limited where and how I buy the bike.
    I'm getting a bike loan from work and they either have to pay the retailer or I have to submit receipts, so I think ebay is out.

    my max is £500 so I'll just have to keep looking.
    Any suggestions? (Oh if only our cental fundrasing team could get a corporate sposor to donate lol)

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